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I think of my work as "interpretive"... easily departing to explore more abstract or distant characters... but usually returning to a representative home… less about the way a place looks than the way it makes me feel.


Commissioned pieces - for collectors or designers - are always welcomed, and can be initiated through any of the galleries that represent my work, or by contacting me directly.

The process usually begins with discussions about the style, size, and target price of the piece, and moves through sketches - and often digital comps - before the final piece is begun. The goal of this early exploration is to ensure that the character, palette, and tone of the piece are acceptable to the collector, while leaving enough room for the piece to develop on it's own - as art in which both artist and collector find interest and value.

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Studio located at:

416 County Road 393 South, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459


Mail to:

1653 W. Co. Hwy 30A, # 1101, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Studio visits by appointment.

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