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I use photography as a tool for seeing, understanding, and accessing impressions of the world I explore. I take literally thousands of photographs a year. Some become the core for my paintings, some are simple compositional studies, some become reference for light and form. And some live on their own, as records of my view of both the expanse and the detail of the coastal world.


All images are reproduced as signed and numbered limited edition, high-resolution prints on heavy watercolor paper.  They are printed with archival inks in a proprietary four color-black & white process producing an intentionally warmer, and slightly softer, black & white tone.


Images on this site change constantly and additional series are almost always available. Please get in touch if you're interested in seeing additional work.


Framing is also available for all prints.  Classic deckle-edged, signed and numbered prints float on acid free backboard providing plenty of "breathing room" for the image... finished in a simple square-section black solid wood frame.  Glass or plexiglass, depending on size.